Fun with Friends

We are so grateful that God gives different gifts to different people. Some are called to be teachers, or doctors, or to work with elderly, small children or people with special needs.  We have met so many wonderful people who choose and enjoy providing for the needs of people with disabilities. Two programs that Monica enjoys are the PinPals bowling group and SOAR dance exercise classes.  Both programs were started by ordinary people who felt called to serve people with special needs.

The PinPals bowling program is held at Bay Lanes, in Bay Village, Ohio. Mark Nazario, the owner of Bay Lanes opens on Saturday morning just for this group. The bowlers range from barely school age to adults and nearly fill all the lanes.  Mark offers a great price to make it affordable and Mary and Bob Custer put the participants into groups so they are bowling with peers, some with bumpers or other aids, some really good bowlers! Mark had a great video created highlighting the group.

PinPals at Bay Lanes  Mary,Monica,Mark

Monica is in the video with her bowling friends. They all get encouragement and praise throughout the season and certificates at the end.  This is significant to many young people who would never have the opportunity to be on a team or get recognition at their school.



More recently, she has joined some activities sponsored by Scott Montgomery at SOAR.  She attends a dance exercise class on Mondays. Not only is the physical activity good for Monica, but the people volunteering with SOAR truly show an interest in each of the participants. Two weeks ago, they all sang Happy Birthday to Monica and last week they took a photo of the group for a Get Well Card to one of the participants who was hospitalized.  The participants have a wide range of ability to participate in the exercise, but all are encouraged to keep moving and enjoy being together.Monica at aerobicsMonica at class