A New Use for Rosetta Stone

Our family has decided to learn Italian. We purchased the Rosetta Stone Italian because it can keep track of multiple users on multiple computers. We liked the setup of the lessons, the progress reports and the variety of exercises used in teaching a language. We knew that learning a foreign language is probably beyond Monica’s ability, but she understood the family had a new goal and project. She wanted to participate, but there was no way she could navigate the software since they jump right into Italian.

Then Tim had a great idea. He purchased the Rosetta Stone English for Monica. We thought that if she could figure out how the software worked, how to go from screen to screen, etc., that maybe then she could start the Italian. We wanted to capitalize on her interest and enthusiasm.

It is very challenging for her, but she does it. She independently signs on, hooks up the headphones and microphone, and gets right to the day’s lesson. We had no idea how great it would be as a speech therapy tool!

We have always taken Monica to private speech therapy in addition to what she had at school because we know communication is such an important life issue. The schools are always limited in what they can provide and we felt as long as we could find a way to do it, that it would help her in life. There are several different aspects of speech therapy. They may be working on sound production, actually making a ‘b’ sound like a ‘b’, or there is also language development, working on saying ‘I went to the store’ instead of ‘I go store’. There is also communication work, having a conversation, listening and taking turns, understanding the difference between a question and a statement. When a person has hearing difficulties, it affects all these. If you never heard the ‘s’ sound at the end of words, it would be hard to pick up on the differences between singular/plural and possessives.

We had no idea that the Rosetta Stone language system would support all these aspects in such a challenging and motivating way for Monica.

There are many different games for the Ipad and flashcards, games and worksheets that supported Monica’s speech development. Many of these are very kid-friendly and fun. When Monica sat down to do the Rosetta Stone, somehow she knew it was for adults and she liked that. It stretches her for listening skills, pronunciation, sentence building and vocabulary. She struggles sometimes when she has to repeat a word or phrase many times before it will let her go on. But she perseveres. working

We no longer really think about getting her to move on to Italian, but we are thrilled at how Rosetta Stone has turned into a speech therapy tool for Monica.