2006 – Monica Age 14 – Bike Riding

An excerpt from the Christmas Letter 2006

Monica can ride a bike! Tim nearly wore out two pairs of shoes with all the running he did with her, but they did it. You should see the concentration, then the smile, when she sets out. Seventh grade is ups and downs, we’re still trying to figure out middle school academics, and how to improve her speech clarity, but these are our worries, she is happy.

Thanksgiving morning we opened an envelope from our children. Inside was a 25th Anniversary card with a note that they had reserved a cabin for us for the next two nights in Hocking Hills, where we had honeymooned. Did we ever think it would come to this? Remember those years of babies up in the night? Changing diapers? Taking wiggle worms out during Mass? Nodding off while reading spelling words? Oops, I’m still doing that. Well, for those of you still in the throes of these escapades, take heart. Our children planned an incredible celebration for us. The only possible negative was that we really enjoy being with the kids and it was hard to leave them! When we returned, there was a party going on – for us! Tim’s parents had held down the fort in our absence, but they said the kids didn’t need help with the party. They pulled it off themselves. We were so amazed.