2008 – Monica Age 16 – Bridesmaid

An excerpt from the Christmas Letter 2008

Rebecca and David made their wedding a beautiful family celebration having the brothers as groomsmen and Monica as a bridesmaid. When the other bridesmaids arrived a few days before the wedding, we were thrilled they insisted Monica join them for the shopping trips and luncheons. While the wedding may have been a major event — it was not the only amazing thing about 2008. In March, Monica had her Confirmation. She chose Therese for her Confirmation name, fitting because St. Therese had a beautiful relationship with her father and older sister and loved Jesus in a simple childlike way.

Monica loves high school. Besides the stimulation of all the students, she loves the pre-vocation class which has her working in the dining room at a nearby nursing home. Monica has been teaching us new ways to fold the cloth napkins for a formal dinner.

Monica's napking folding

Monica’s napking folding