April Showers

April showers bring May flowers…and it doesn’t rain on Monica’s parade.

Last weekend, Monica and I went to see Singing in the Rain at a nearby high school. The performance was very professional and a delight. Monica was dancing out of her seat. Having watched the youtube video clip of ‘Good Morning’ from the movie, she was thrilled to see it live and ‘feel’ the tapping on the stage. She has been smiling with a song in her heart all week.

Spring weather finally came to Cleveland. Yesterday we picked up Monica’s bike from the bike shop. The last bike adventure of the fall had been quite a crash, so the bicycle needed work before she could ride it again. Monica happily anticipated getting back in the saddle.

We woke up to a steady drizzle today. Monica insisted she could deliver those envelopes to church for me on her bike. I pointed out the rain, but she was sure her windbreaker was enough.

She put the envelopes and her phone in her backpack, turned on all her warning lights and pedaled off.

This is when I am so glad we have Life360, a free phone app,  installed on our phones. I hardly got anything done because I kept checking the app to see where she was. It is fun to see her little photo cruising through the map of our neighborhood. After she reached the church, about a 2 mile trip, I went back to checking email. When I checked the app after a bit, her photo was still at the intersection of our church and it was raining harder.

I texted her “If it is raining too hard, I will come and get you”.

She texted back “no”.

After some more time passed, her little photo was still in the same spot. Could she have gone to the doughnut place across the street?

She texted “I got safely okay in church”.

Hmm. It is a Friday in Lent, I guess she is praying.

After another half hour passed, her little photo was finally moving.

Then the little photo of Monica stopped at the address of her high school.

Hmm. Looking at the newly completed addition to the building?

Here is what the app recorded about some of her travels. I could see it took her 8 minutes to get to church, she was there for 58 minutes, then a 4 minute ride to the high school, where she visited for 30 minutes. You can see this is a helpful tool for us!



At last, the little photo of Monica is moving again. Heading towards home now.


She burst in the door triumphant. “I was ‘Singing in the Rain’ the whole time!”

She had said her rosary and the Angelus while at church, using one of her other apps: ‘Relevant Radio’ with which she can Listen Live, listen to audio programs or read her favorite prayers.

On her way home, she had stopped at the high school. She went in to the office and asked to visit her high school special education teacher. We have never done this. We had never even visited the school since the construction began. I don’t even know where the office is now.

Her former teacher was quite surprised to see her and showed her the new room and introduced her to some new students. She graduated in 2012 but continued with a work-experience program through the school district until she was 20, but that was still a long time ago! Apparently, the school still remembers her as fondly as she remembers them.

Home safely. Now the sun is out. She is still singing.

One thought on “April Showers

  1. Monica, what a great adventure. Mary, glad you have the monitoring web link, it sure is a big help to you to know she is okay. Thankful for you and Tim and all your children for the SUPPORT, perseverance and belief that Monica could do much more than many expected of her. Bless all of you

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