Special Night Special Escort

Monica had another fun opportunity in May. She was invited to a Prom for young adults with disabilities. She invited her brother to be her escort. He was very good to her!  As Monica’s older siblings have gone off to college and moved out on their own, it has become more important for Monica to have social events of her own. We are grateful for these opportunities. Now we agree with her siblings who say she has the best social life of the family.


She was also invited to a Prom Pampering before the event.

One of the organizations that has done so much to provide resources for people with Down Syndrome is Gigi’s Playhouse. It is a national organization which opened a Cleveland site a few years ago. Monica attends activities for young adults – like Bingo and cooking/healthy living programs. Gigi’s organized Prom Pampering for those young ladies who were attending the Prom at another location. A local salon volunteered the services of several stylists to do hair, nails and makeup. 20170526_165420

Other volunteers provided the cheese and cracker appetizers and sparking juice in champagne glasses.  The girls giggled their way through the painful processes that women bear for these events!

Lots of posing for photos.

A florist donated corsages and boutonnieres.

Then when their escorts picked them up to head for the dance – another photo moment.


The dance was a wonderful event. Decorations, music, food – all the components of a lovely evening.

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