Donating Pull tabs

At Monica’s first job, she learned about saving pull tabs from soda cans. The organization donated the tabs to Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland. Monica knew the purpose of Ronald McDonald House was to help families stay close by when their child was in the hospital.  Monica had enough hospital experiences to know that you want your family to be near when you are sick.

Since changing jobs, she has been collecting the tabs on her own. Pretty soon, family and friends noticed Monica busy during parties, putting tabs into little baggies or cups. Little by little, people started saving them for her and giving her a little baggie now and then. Last November, when we drove to her cousin’s wedding in Florida, she was thrilled to find out how the Florida family had also been saving them for her.  We were glad we drove and didn’t have to carry them on a plane!

Monica's tabs weighin

Finally, Monica had a day off work so she could donate the tabs. We had her hold them and step on the scale. Ten pounds of pull tabs! Monica enjoyed the drive. It was a beautiful day and we loved the Easter decorations in front of Ronald McDonald House.

frontMonica in front

Today, she started again. Four little tabs are in her container already.

new tabs

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