I googled it!

IMG_3079Last fall, Monica went along with her Daddy for some physical therapy appointments after a back injury. She charmed the receptionist and all the therapists, as usual. She also paid close attention to the instructions and gave her Dad reminders about the exercises he should be doing. He was quickly cured.

In May, Monica had some aches and pains that were bothering her. I gave her Tylenol and told her they would go away. She kept up her complaints for a few days and I kept telling her they would go away. One day, Monica texted me from work to ‘please call the Physical Therapy place!”

So I realized her pains weren’t really going away and I guess I should do something. So when I called the Physical Therapy place, the receptionist said ‘oh yes, I was expecting your call. Monica called in and talked to one of the therapists.”

I gasped, “Did she make an appointment?”

Jan answered, “she tried, but we knew someone would have to bring her in, so I told her to have you call me.”

That night at dinner, we asked Monica about her call to the Physical Therapy place. She said she called them during her lunch break at work. So, we asked her how she got the phone number. And she replied, like anyone else, “I googled it!”

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