A faithful friend

A young lady from our church had a great idea. Instead of filling a service requirement for school by volunteering for some organization, she wanted to do something that was personally interesting. She hoped to be able to tell she made a difference in some way. She asked us if she could become a running coach for Monica. We told her that we weren’t sure Monica could become a runner, but that we would love to see her improve her fitness and maybe we could start there. We talked about our ongoing goal for Monica to increase her activity level. Our family has plenty of action, but Monica is often the observer, not the participant. We also talked about the benefit of regular interaction with non-disabled peers. So, Mary made a commitment to get together with Monica once a week for an hour. They started with stretches and a few exercises. Then they added walking. About every 4th or 5th week, they would play a board game or card game or do baking instead. Eventually, they began running together.
On Memorial Day, Mary and Monica entered a local 5K/1 Mile event. They were in the 1 Mile, but Mary encouraged Monica to run as much as she could. They had a blast.
They plan to continue their get-togethers even though Mary has long since completed her school service requirement.


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