Monica’s Best. Vacation. Ever.

Ever see those ads for ‘Swim with the Dolphins’?

I’ve been looking at them for years and wishing someday Monica could do it.

Summer 2013 it happened.

2013-08-05 09.57.26 - Copy

Monica captured the attention of all the onlookers with her delight and enthusiasm.

She was able to do everything the guide asked and even smiled for the camera.

The program lasted over an hour.

First she held out a hula-hoop from a kayak and watched the dolphin jump through it.

moni hoop

Then she was pulled through the water holding on to two dolphins’ fins.

Monica pulled by dolphins

Each participant had a turn with a cuddle, a spin and a double kiss.

Monica holding dolphin               2013-08-05 10.43.00

Monica with two dolphins

The finale: riding through the water standing on two dolphins.

Monica riding dolphins                              IMG_1469



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