2009 – Monica Age 17 – #1 Fan

An excerpt from Christmas Letter 2009

Monica was thrilled to be designated Fairview’s #1 Fan by the school principal at a pep rally this fall. She continues to love high school and all its activities. This fall she helped as a ball-return girl with the JV volleyball team until she had surgery on her hand for a trigger finger. Her classroom now consists entirely of special needs children. So while her academics are now at the right level for her, she misses socializing with her former peers, but she manages, and has a good group of friends throughout the school. This year she and Greg joined our parish youth group and they are both enjoying the activities there. During the summer Monica began to click with the piano after years of random attacks. It is amazing, she now smartly plays some simple classics with great enthusiasm. Another first for Monica was her participating in a special needs dance class. She loves the lessons and the friends.

Fairview Fan

Fairview Fan

Dance Recital

Dance Recital

This year Mary Ellen, Rebecca and Monica went to Florida for our goddaughter, Sarah’s wedding shower. She is Tim’s niece. Later the whole family went down for the wedding. It was beautiful and a great family gathering. The kids were all seated with cousins at the reception and we really enjoyed sitting with Tim’s siblings. We also took time to explore some remote sites in Florida.

Tug of War Team

Tug of War Team

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