2000 – Monica Age 8 – First Grade

An excerpt from our Christmas Letter 2000

Monica has moved on to the primary building of Fairview Park public schools this year. She is in a regular first grade classroom, getting extra support from the special education teacher and aides when needed. She loves school! Last year in kindergarten, the staff seemed to be satisfied if she just didn’t disrupt the class, but this year’s teacher really wants her to learn and her progress is amazing!

Our newest traveler, little John Bernard, has had an amazing first year! In July, we zigzagged our way to Florida and back, camping along the way, seeing the Cumberland Gap, Raccoon Mountain in Tennessee, Alligator Point in the Gulf, the Suwanee River and Ocala National Forest. Mom and Dad Jakubisin treated us to a week of fantastic accommodations at the beach and to Mom’s incredible cooking every night! All the cousins came to play in the ocean and the kids had a blast. We floated tubes down Rock Springs and climbed the lighthouse at Ponce Inlet. Then toured St. Augustine and Savannah on the way back. John had lots of loved ones making a fuss over the youngest grandchild.


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