2004 – Monica Age 12 – Family Trips and Traditions

An excerpt from the Christmas Letter 2004

Midsummer Dan and Gabe participated in the week long International Juggling convention held in Buffalo NY this year. Mary Ellen took the little ones and visited local museums and Niagara Falls. Rebecca and Tim stayed home to work. Rebecca worked this spring, summer and fall breaks at Fairview General Hospital in food preparation and delivery.

Late summer — we took a two week road trip with godson Peter St. Quinton to South Dakota and Wyoming. We went camping and hiking in the Badlands, climbed Devils Tower, toured famous Needles Parkway, visited Mount Rushmore and other sites.

Monica still loves school (5th grade) and her reading is really coming along.

There have been many other events and trips this year but some of our fondest memories are family visits and seasonal gatherings with friends and family.

Two of our best weekly routines are getting together Saturday morning to ‘white board’ the weekend and the upcoming week (plan it out on a whiteboard) so everyone gets everything done without conflicts, and being together on Sunday for an hour of spiritual reading. Spiritual reading is something we started about a year ago and we take turns reading a page or so each… out of the ‘current book’. These are books that explain the faith or the virtues clearly or a biography of an inspiring person. Monica and John listen or quietly look at their own books.


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