2001 – Monica Age 9 – First Sacraments

An excerpt from the Christmas Letter 2001

Monica loved the routine of summer school every morning and the boys rode bikes to swimming lessons. We also learned a little more time management with Gabe cutting three lawns and Rebecca babysitting 2 mornings a week and doing yardwork/housework for another woman unable to do it herself. Gabe and Dan attended Boy Scout Camp for a week and Dan attended a leadership camp in Pennsylvania. Rebecca was a counselor this year at the one-week girls camp she had attended in Maryland on Chesapeake Bay. I did laundry.

Second grade is an important year for preparation to receive the sacraments and we are so pleased with the special-ed religion classes offered for Monica. We’ve been working on Examination of Conscience with her and just like our older kids did, she reports first the faults of the next youngest sibling! Monica may not always be able to express it, but we can tell she has a wonderful relationship with God and we are so happy she’ll be celebrating First Holy Communion in May with her class. We’re very happy with her regular schoolwork too. Her teacher makes modifications to the classwork so that Monica is challenged to work hard and yet the work is within reach. Monica gets along great with her classmates.

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