1998 – Monica Age 6 – Daily Life

An excerpt from our Christmas Letter 1998

I was thinking about how we write about our big events of the year but it’s the little events that make up most of the year. Most days include events like trying to find something for breakfast that everyone can or will eat, remembering who needs gym clothes today, teaching Monica and Greg to play quietly so I can get some household chore done, thinking up a new way to get the older kids to practice their music lessons, serving dinner so that we have time for conversation between sports practices, listening to spelling words and flashcards, reading picture books to the little ones before bed and having the older kids put down their books to listen to an old favorite, sharing our petitions and thanks together on our knees at night, and after the kids are in bed, being able to look in each other’s eyes and rejoice in all that we have together.

We spent a few days in Washington, D.C., seeing the monuments and the national shrine. Our little guys aren’t really ready for a lot of museum time yet. We had a fantastic peanut butter-and-jelly picnic at the base of the Washington monument and spent a long time on the sidewalk in front of the White House while the kids drew it. Greg got a little tired of waiting and threw Monica’s sun hat through the bars to stir up some excitement. A nice-sized crowd gathered to watch the very well-equipped guard stroll across the whole lawn to pick up the hat and hand it to me!


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