1995 – Monica Age 3 – Double Trouble, Walking, Signing

An excerpt from our Christmas Letter 1995

Monica became a big sister with Gregory’s arrival in February and she can’t get enough of him; throwing toys into his crib probably helped him learn to crawl fast.

All of the older three children have been a great help with Monica and Gregory, our double trouble team. The little partners in crime require constant supervision but are also a source of amusement and delight. They play their own follow the leader games. Monica will dump over the clean laundry and Greg will eat it. Monica opens the china cabinet doors and Greg pulls out wine glasses. They are engaging each other in “conversation”: imitating each other’s sounds and gestures.

Monica started walking in July and is doing very well at it; she is also climbing up short ladders and ramps. We are so proud of her! She now signs for Please and Thank you (with encouragement), cracker, drink, more, pretzel, cheese, cereal, bath, brush teeth, car ride and bed. She started attending a toddler program in September four afternoons a week which has been good for her development and Mary Ellen’s sanity!


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