1994 – Monica Age 2 – Cruising Furniture, First Signing

This is an excerpt from our Christmas Letter 1994.

We thank God for Daniel in many respects but one of our primary thanks is for the way Daniel loves Monica. He doesn’t pass by her without a kiss a hug or a caress or something rougher! He’ll offer her a book or a toy or pick her up (drag her sometimes) to involve her in something he’s doing. Almost every night his bedtime prayers include “thank you for Monica loving me… and for the whole day!”

Monica is doing great. She is still often a source of concern but more often a source of joy. Not being able to take her development for granted we have learned a new sense of awe for any child’s development. But she is developing at her own pace and we are so happy for her! She crawls up and down the stairs, cruises furniture, can open the piano lid, climb up the bench and bang the keys, escapes her high chair and steams to the middle of the kitchen table (amid shouts of “No No Monica” and frantic waving) and she is beginning to “sign” to us after months of one way conversations! We’ll be using sign language because her speech will likely be so delayed. The county early intervention specialists recommend this to cut down on her frustration; the signing will be dropped as she becomes able to say each word.


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