I want to encourage others!

Hi, this blog is created to give others encouragement about living with Down syndrome.  Our daughter has Down syndrome and is very happy to be alive.  In fact, our family has a wonderful life and Monica brings so much joy to us.  I hope that this blog will help families have hope and courage when they are surprised by a child with Down syndrome.  We were shocked and a little scared when we found out, but we took one day at a time and kept up our hope. We love Monica very much and thank God for her every day. (Maybe because she brings us coffee in the morning!) What does Monica like to do? She really likes camping and hiking with her family. She loved high school every day through her graduation! Now she really enjoys her jobs include working on a cleaning crew and in a copier and mail company. She especially likes being a mother’s helper for a family of six(!) little boys, she does this once a week on Thursday mornings. Every day she writes in her journal, writes letters to friends at college and writes cards to sick people in our parish. She enjoys knitting and knits hats and scarves for anyone who wants one! Choose your colors! She really enjoys piano and take lessons at Baldwin Wallace College. As I write she is playing “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” from Annie! Right now with her job earnings she is taking sewing classes. She just started so she has not made anything just yet. She is a wiz on her ipad. (It’s amazing how intuitive this tool is.) We can honestly say that Monica is a great gift, we would be very much poorer in joy, adventure, personal growth without her. Enjoy!

New Baby!

New Baby!

Go Blue and Gold!

Go Blue and Gold!

For my valentine!

For my valentine!

3 thoughts on “I want to encourage others!

  1. What an inspiring young lady. I’ve never met anyone with down syndrome but I love your positive outlook, she is blessed to have such supportive parents. Good luck with your mission to inspire! I can’t wait to see more posts.

  2. I have had the pleasure of knowing Monica since the day she was born. She has not only enriched the life of her parents and siblings, but she has enriched ours as well. It is so easy to become sad or negative watching the news or reading the newspaper, but with Monica around, she primarily looks at the good and positives and joy around her, not getting drawn into the fears thrust upon us by media and politician. She is been a wonderful blessing to us all. We love you, Monica! Aunt Carol & Uncle Rick and family.

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